Germs and Disease

Richard Preston:
Hot Zone

The Ebola outbreak in in Reston Virginia is documented in Preston’s book, The Hot Zone.  Exciting and distressing at the same time, this book definitely held my attention.  In minute detail, Mr. Preston describes the horrifying effects of the ebola virus on humanity.  Even though Preston gets down and dirty that didn’t prevent me from turning page after page; in fact reading the detail may well have have spurred me on.

Like slowing down at an accident scene, I couldn’t help but gape at the details Mr Preston continued to build on.  That, I believe is a testament to a well written and a well researched manuscript.

Let me just warn you upfront that The Hot Zone does its job very well; sucking you in and at the same time creating an aversion effect.

I couldn’t stop reading while wanting to look away as well.

Richard Preston
Demon in the Freezer

Picking up where The Hot Zone kind of left off, Demon in the Freezer is almost more engrossing and more terrifying.  It tells the story of Smallpox and where the virus is kept at secret locations in freezers around the world.  Thus the title.

The virus disappeared from the world, however it is kept hidden away and in fact in some places it is well hidden that no one appears  to know exactly where it is anymore.  That is terrifying in and of itself.  As with The Hot Zone, read Demon in the Freezer at your own peril.  You won’t see the world the same way again.  Another engrossing and thrilling read that I simply could not stop reading, I think you’ll feel the same way.

Michael Crichton
Andromeda Strain

You may well be asking yourself why is Chris writing a review of Andromeda Strain when this is a work of fiction and the other two books reviewed today are non fiction.

It’s because this book could VERY well be fact.  Although Andromeda Strain is Crichton’s first book, it remains his quintessential book in my mind.  I found it to be the best book book of his illustrious career, at least it is my favorite book he has written; and I’ve read ALL of Crichton.  What’s most alarming about Andromeda Strain and why I’m including it here is that the story while fiction, could very well occur.

I can clearly see traits from Hot Zone and Demon in the Freezer in Andromeda Strain.  What do they say:
There is nothing new under the sun.  This also brings to mind Newton’s quote:
If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Germs and Disease

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