Get on the Elevator

“Get on the elevator, it’s going to the top.’’

Dustin Pedroia
Boston Globe/Red Sox

For those who don’t know, I’m a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan.  I like to joke that I was born wearing RED socks!  My friend Mary at work asked me if I saw the quote above in a recent Boston Globe article.  So I owe her some recognition for this posting.

The moment I saw his quote, I KNEW I had to use it in an upcoming entry.  It can be viewed in so many ways.  Pedroia meant it to say that the Red Sox are finally out of their early season slump and they are on their way up.  I can relate to that, seeing as I was mildly concerned that the Sox were not living up to preseason expectations.  They appear to have righted the ship and our now sailing into the destination that was prescribed.

Get on the elevator, it’s going to the top.
What other connotations can you take away from the above quote?  I’ll share a few:
I STILL feel that something major is brewing with this blog.  Have a couple thoughts about how to expand its reach.  Have a close friend feeding me some STUPENDOUS thoughts.  Not quite ready to share them yet.  But I KNOW something is happening.
Get on the elevator, it’s going to the top.

I know someone who is reinventing their business.  I can feel ONLY good things for that.  They are determined to succeed.  A new website, a new blog.  Nothing will stand in their way.  Nothing EVER does!
Get on the elevator, it’s going to the top.

My photography is ever expanding.  Made more profit last year then the year before.  Gathered more new clients.  Still love my business.
Get on the elevator, it’s going to the top.

How bout you?  Have you seen a slump in your own life only to see a sudden climb up the ladder of life and success?  Let’s hear from you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to Everyone.


Get on the Elevator

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