Go With Your Thoughts

My friend Debra at her blog Pure and Simple, recently write a column called Silence and Centering.  In the column she writes about a friend who can’t settle her mind, can’t find her center when meditating.

What do you do when meditating and you find your thoughts scattering to the wind?  I left a comment at Debra’s blog and said to simply go with the thoughts.  Don’t fight it, don’t struggle against the tide.  Remember the adage:
Row your boat DOWN the stream.

In other words go with the flow.  Let your thoughts take you where they do.  Sometimes, meditation can work to your advantage even if you don’t think you’re getting anything out of it.  Simply closing your eyes and reflecting on your day can have amazing restorative actions.  If you find your thoughts scattering, put on some soothing instrumental music and drift away to the sounds.  There really is no right or wrong way to find your quiet place.  As I wrote in my comment to Debra:
Sometimes if you follow your scattered thoughts, they may just lead you to your own quiet place.

That was my story.  I have three or four places I visit now when I meditate and I would not have discovered them were it not for following my thoughts when I started out.  So my advice to beginners and pros alike is this:
If you find that you cannot settle your thoughts, don’t fret, don’t struggle.  Follow those thoughts, you may just discover a new quiet place you’d forgotten existed in your past.

How do you find your quiet place?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Go With Your Thoughts

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