God Works In His Own Time

I think of God as a pretty efficient guy, but he doesn’t always operate in the fast lane. He operates quite slowly, in fact, when he needs to. Sometimes, he has to, not because of his style, but because of mine. My reluctance, my resistance, my disobedience frequently gets in the way of my progress and growth. My reluctance to be still and know that he is God; my resistance to hearing his voice when I don’t like what he is saying; my disobedience in pretending I didn’t hear him in the first place. He has to wait for me all the time … not to accomplish the tasks in my life but to accommodate his Spirit in my soul.

God Always Has A Plan B
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I’m sure we all have had the experience where we want change immediately. Something is horribly wrong in our lives and we just want to be rid of the experience. We rail against whatever resistance is holding us back. We’re NOT going with the flow. We’re NOT rowing our boats gently DOWN the stream. And nothing is changing. We don’t know why, and we want to know why. That’s when we have to remember that God works in his own time. Remember in one of my early entries here I said that God has a plan for EVERYONE. And if we try and break that plan, moving out of the state we live in, for example, if that isn’t the plan that HE has for us then it won’t happen. Don’t be frustrated. Don’t be angry. Be open to God’s will. Know that you’re in good hands and that God is looking out for you. God doesn’t always operate in the fast lane. Another line a friend of mine is fond of quoting is:
The Ox is Slow But the Earth is Patient.

If we can remember that God works in his own time and not to rush him, our lives will be so much better.
Don’t be reluctant!
Don’t be resistant!
Don’t be disobedient!

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


God Works In His Own Time

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