God’s Tunnel

When things seem to turn dark in your life, you might just be going through a tunnel that God has carved for you to get to the other side of a mountain that was previously in your way.

The Whisper God
June 3, 2011

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Darkness and light, sorrow and joy, pain, pleasure?  We live in a dichotomous world.  The divine wants it that way for a specific reason.
–If we don’t know fear, how will know freedom?
–If we don’t know darkness, how will we know light? I’m reminded of a scene in Oh God Book II:
God: [answering Tracy’s question about why there is so much suffering in the world] I know this sounds like a cop-out, Tracy, but there’s nothing I can do about pain and suffering. It’s built into the system.
Tracy Richards: Which You invented.
God: Right. But my problem was I could never figure out how to build anything with just one side to it.
Tracy Richards: One side?
God: You ever see a front without a back?
Tracy Richards: No.
God: A top without a bottom?
Tracy Richards: No.
God: An up without a down?
Tracy Richards: No.
God: OK. Then there can’t be good without bad, life without death, pleasure without pain. That’s the way it is. If I take sad away, happy has to go with it.
Interesting thoughts here, huh?  What do think?  Can there be happy without sad?  How would we know?

Okay, back on topic:
God can move mountains.  I’m sure you’ve heard that said many times over.  Are you in a dark period?  Do you feel as if all hope has abandoned you?  Ya know what?  That feeling IS God/The Divine/The Universe clearing a tunnel for you.  I never heard it stated that way, but I like it.  What’s ALWAYS at the end of a tunnel?  Light, right?

Though your life may now seem in turmoil, remember the cliche:
This to shall pass!  Repeat it:
This to shall pass!  Keep saying it.

God wants you to succeed.  The only failure in life is when you don’t pick yourself up after you’ve fallen down.  That darkness will clear.  You’ll come out of God’s Tunnel and breath again, smile again, dance again.

God wants us to be happy, to be free from fear, to be free from anger.  The ONLY way we CAN feel joy, feel free is to also feel the opposite.  The trick is to feel more joy, more freedom.

God’s Tunnel is temporary.  Your life is permanent.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


God’s Tunnel

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