Graham Joyce

Graham Joyce is a speculative fiction author I’ve read many times. He is  well worth a look.

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Some Kind of Fairy Tale
For twenty years, Tara Martin has been missing. Her family had given up all hope of ever seeing her again. Then on one Christmas day she reappears looking not a day older then the day she vanished.

Dark Sister
Maggie, mother and housewife discovers an herbalist’s journal while cleaning. The journal, it turns out belonged to a powerful witch and as Maggie delves deeper into the book she too begins to realize that she possesses the same power to heal and harm those around her.

The Silent Land
Caught in a blinding snowstorm and avalanche while skiing in Switzerland, married couple Jake and Zoe dig themselves out and look for help. What they find is a deserted town. No one is left. They go into a hotel expecting to see some sign of life, but just like the town itself, the hotel is completely devoid of guests as well as workers.

Sadly Graham Joyce passed in 2014. His legacy lives on through the many books he has written. I’ve read quite a few of his books and I have enjoyed each one.

The three listed above are the ones that most resonate with me.  I highly recommend reading his entire catalog however.  As with Jonathan Carroll, Joyce skirts the line between reality and fantasy, sometimes blowing through the line like it didn’t exist at all, sometimes stepping up to it and dipping one foot close to the edge.

Regardless just because Joyce writes fantasy shouldn’t preclude you from reading his books.  Those who say they don’t read a particular genre are thoroughly missing out on some other spectacular works of fiction. Graham Joyce is one such author.  My followers should be aware at this point that I do my best to select books and authors I know will hold the interest of my readers.

You won’t be disappointed if you choose any book by Mr. Joyce.

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Graham Joyce

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