Guiding our Children

Parents often think that they are here to guide the little ones. When – in reality – the little ones come forth with clarity to guide you.



Guiding light


As I’ve said here on too many occasions to count, children are far more advanced than adults give them credit for.


–Children understand what’s important.
–Children understand how to get what they want.
–Children see things adults do not.


It is extremely important to listen to your child if they tell you something spiritual that you as an adult find challenging to believe.  Chances are what they tell is true; for they are unencumbered.  They have yet to be corrupted by the world.


Clarity, you say?  How can children have clarity?

Read the above in bold again.


Law of Attraction says:
–Ask for what you want
–Believe you already have it.


Children and those in the animal kingdom lack for nothing.

They receive everything they need.  It’s only when our children become teens and adults that the magic of belief is drummed out of them, that they forget that we can have everything we need.  That’s the biggest reason children are the guides we need.  They can remind us of the very facts that we choose to forget.  It is unfortunate that we become blind to the simple.  We need to find a way to listen to our children.  If we begin listening some of the magic may return.


It’s somewhat like my theory on reincarnation:
We’re going to face the same situations over and over until we get it right. As with  the movie Groundhog Day.  Bill Murray’s character kept repeating the same events during that ONE day until he got it right.


Our children will keep returning and keep teaching us unbeknownst to them of course of the true true magic that exists.  Our task is to keep as much of the magic in our lives as possible.


If you are ever faced with a child telling you something that you find beyond belief, my advice is:
Don’t shut them out.
Don’t stop listening when they tell you their story.


The children ARE the guides to the future.
Are strong enough to follow them?
Can you listen to their admonitions?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Guiding our Children

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