Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today would have been my maternal grandmother’s birthday.  As I’ve mentioned here many times before, I spent a great deal of time with my maternal grandparents while growing up.  My best friend all through my childhood lived just down the street from my grandparents.  Joe and I were attached at the hip when I visited.  My grandparents treated him as one of their own and my grandmother would cook us food morning noon and night.

One of my favorite memories and something I always think back on with a smile is lunches at the house.  See?  My grandmother was Swedish and she brought many of her Scandinavian traditions with her when she came to the States.  She’d make Joe and me  Swedish Pancakes and roll them with jam.

It became a joke with the three of us, because we’d eat them faster than she could make them.

We’d go bowling together, the three of us.  My grandmother belonged to a bowling league at Norwich Ten Pin.

Having  just Googled it, I can’t believe the business is still there.  The first time Joe and I beat her legitimately, we were ecstatic.  We threw four or five strikes in a row.  We couldn’t believe our good fortune.  The two of us typically played against her.  We figured we needed the handicap.

My grandmother was such a good sport.  I so looked forward to spending time with them.  As I’ve also mentioned here it was my grandfather who taught me to fish.  And it was my grandfather who bought me my first camera.

After my junior year in high school (that summer) I was fortunate to have six weeks in Sweden with my grandmother.  That’s an experience I will ALWAYS have.  There are countless other experiences I’ve had with my grandmother.  These that I related here though on the anniversary of her birthday are the ones that most resonate.

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Is there someone from your past, perhaps a family member or maybe a best friend that you recall with fondness?  I’d love to hear from you in my comments.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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