Under your window a miniature sea of vibrant reds, yellows, violets and blues signals the onset of spring with the flowers you planted last spring.

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Imagination is the highest kite one can fly
–Lauren Bacall


One of the sentiments I took away from watching Rhonda Byrnes Secret a few years ago fits well with the above passage.  It’s what  I’m feeling at this moment.  Something is brewing for me and it is something of major proportion.  I THINK it has to do with my blog.  I can feel it just below the surface.  In the Secret, during one interlude a seed is gestating.  A small green leaf begins to sprout and someone speaks:
Many of us feel it’s taking too long for our dream to come to fruition and we give up; thinking this is stuff doesn’t work.  It’s take WAY TOO long; oh this will NEVER happen.

I paraphrased the above, seeing as it’s been SOME time since I’ve seen the video but that’s the gist of what was said.

We flash back to said leaf and we see it whither away.  That’s sad, because your dream was ALMOST ready to break through the ground and see the light of day.  No one becomes an overnight sensation.  No one becomes successful in a day.  Yes, it appears that way only because haven’t heard this person’s name one day and the next he is plastered all over.  What you don’t see, however, is all the work he did privately to get to where he is.

If you have a plan, a dream, a project that is important to you and you feel like this could your ticket, you feel like something is brewing, keep at it.  Don’t throw in the towel.  The moment you give up could have been THE moment.  You just NEVER know.  All it takes is to be at the right place at the right time.  Don’t give up.  Remember what Lauren Bacall said above:
Imagination is the highest kite one can fly

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!



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