In the Present Moment

When do you find yourself in trouble?
When do you start worrying?
When are you most concerned?
When do you panic?

I bet I can answer all four of those questions with six words:
When you are in the future.

It’s only when we think six months, a year, five years ahead that we that our panic button is pressed.  That’s why Eckhart Tolle has made such a huge impact on society in the past several years.  His book The Power of Now discusses the benefits of staying present.

Why forecast what your life will be like tomorrow when it is already decided?  I realize I link to my predestination search on Wisdom and Life often, but that’s only because it is a subject that comes up in my columns often.  My faith in that subject is rock solid.  That’s why I write about it and why I link to it so often.

You can entirely eliminate stress, panic, worry if only you stop forecasting the future.

Stay in the present moment.
Let the Universe decide your future.
Let God decide your future.
Let go and let God.

These may be cliche
These may be platitudes.

Unless you put them into action.
Unless you believe them.

Only ONE has your life in HIS hands.
Only ONE has your best interest at heart.
Trust that staying in the present is the best state to be in.  I’m sure everyone has felt calm, peace, serenity when they forget about what’s happening tomorrow; just as I’m sure you have felt stress, anxiety, panic when you look into the future.

The question then becomes which feeling do you enjoy?
Which feeling, brings you joylessness?

Which feeling do you want more of?
Which feeling were you created to experience?

Are you strong enough to choose to be in the present?
Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


In the Present Moment

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