Innocent Man Forgives Police Officer



A recurring theme at Wisdom and life is forgiveness as can be seen from the number of columns in the previous link.  I will let this video do most of the work today.  Other than to say that holding onto resentment only hurts the person keeping the resentment.


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The video below is a perfect example of this message and should be seen my EVERYONE!









From The Daily Spectator


Innocent Man Forgives Police Officer

3 thoughts on “Innocent Man Forgives Police Officer

  1. I tell my prison class in my volunteer motivational program “Life Change Discussion Group” that the three most corrosive feelings are anger, hate and blame. That applies to others as well as to oneself. The end (the healing) in both situations is forgiveness of others and oneself.

  2. wow that is powerful. Forgiveness is something I think we all need to ponder and use more often. You don’t see it discuss in group or on social media much do we? So keep it up in your writing, Chris. A message that needs to be spread.

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