Is Time A Commodity?

There is a move currently out called:
In Time.  I’ve seen the trailers for it at least twice a day and the theme of the movie has inspired this column.  In the movie, time is money and that brought about these thoughts:
What do you do with money?
What’s the purpose of money?

To spend it right?  You can always translate that to time as in:
How do you spend your time.  I haven’t seen the movie but I can imagine the producer(s)/director/screenwriter(s) having the same thought.  Time as a commodity?

We all use it that way.  Should we?  That’s the question.  Time is the ONE thing that when it’s gone you nothing tangible to show for it.  If you spend money, you usually have something to show for it; not true of time.  With that being the case, we should be VERY careful with how we use time.  If there’s a choice between doing two things, cleaning your house or seeing your best friend what do you think you should do?

Time is more valuable than money.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  You’ll only have this moment once in your life.  Better use it wisely.  You don’t want to wake up some day regretting the things you didn’t do.

Did you tell your best friend that you loved them?
Did you show them that you loved them?

Did you find your gift and pursue it?
Did you spend today the way you wanted to or the way you needed to?

Always spend the day the way you want to.  That way when you look back, you’ll be at peace, you’ll be joyful.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Is Time A Commodity?

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