I’ve Loved You Before

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In Melissa Etheridge’s song I’ve Loved You Before, she writes about a topic I’m very close too:
Past Lives.


Anyone who has been following Wisdom and Life for any length of time is aware of my powerful belief in this area.  I’ve gone through a group past life regression a couple years ago and what surprised me was the clarity of my experience.  I find it fascinating how many of these esoteric topics are becoming mainstream now, that they are coming out of the closet so to speak; that they are being spoken of in the light, in public more often.  This is another clear indication that we are indeed moving forward, that we are becoming more enlightened, that the concepts for reincarnation is working:

–To move us forward.
–To help us become more enlightened.
–To move us closer to the Divine.


Society on the whole appears to be following this course, even though if you look at the daily progression of life you MAY be hard pressed to see the results, it IS indeed happening; the trick is to take the long view.


We are moving toward the light.
We are becoming more spiritual.


That’s all God/The Divine/The Universe expects.  Just to do our best to become more Divine.  That is the sole purpose for returning over and over:
To improve.
To learn from past challenges.
To overcome, to adapt.


As long we we show we are doing our best to not fall into the same trap each time we come to the challenge we faced in a previous incarnation, we will move forward.


The sentiment that Melissa Etheridge refers to in her song should be remembered by everyone.

We are always together.
We WILL always be together.
There is no separation.
There is no death.


If we can hold on to that, death will lose its grip on us.  We will no longer fear transition.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


I’ve Loved You Before

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