Journey of Souls

Some take umbrage with Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls and after reading some critical remarks about the book I understand where and why the criticism arises.  There is still a remarkable number of people who find solace in the book.  Newton introduces several concepts that resonate with those in the life after death crowd.  I found the book particularly enlightening because of those concepts.  You can read from Wisdom and Life’s category on Journey of Souls and see just how much an impact the book had on me.  Wisdom and Life is one of my other three blogs I maintain.

Journey of Souls is ostensibly a book of records that Newton took from hypnosis patients who under deep hypnosis revealed where they were between lives.  This is where the controversy lies.  Apparently from what I’ve been able to discover, none of the recordings from his sessions can’t be located in the public record and it has been said that Newton hasn’t made them available for peer inspection.  Regardless, there are concepts such as Soul Groups that I was introduced to in this book.  I also wrote about the concept of Soul Groups at Wisdom and Life.  Despite the shortcomings of this book, the fact that it has some controversy attached, I still found the book comforting and I fit it naturally into my worldview.

Journey of Souls

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