Karma and Dead Again

Thought I’d start this Monday post off with a couple of quotes from one of my favorite past life movies:
From the movie Dead Again:
Dead Again

Robin Williams as: Cozy Carlisle
You take what you’ve learned from this life and use it in the next. That’s karma.
Kenneth as Branagh: Mike Church
I thought karma was I do something bad in this life and I’m a termite in the next.
Cozy Carlisle:
Hey, if you ask me, pal, you’re already a termite in this life in a shitty suit, OK?

What do I think karma is? Pretty much what Cozy Carlisle says in his first line above. My own take is what you do in this lifetime will either help you or hinder you in your next life. If you recall in one of my early posts here I spoke about life lessons and moving on. If you didn’t learn in this life what you needed to learn then you’ll be bound to repeat that same lesson in the next life. That’s what karma means to me. I may lose some of you here and as I’ve said multiple times I no longer worry about that. People will either accept me or they won’t.

Okay, are you ready for my profound statement this Monday?

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile now you’ll know I’ve mentioned previously that I have many more friends that are female then are male. I can’t seem to find a long term relationship though. For awhile I’ve joked about this being karma. What kind of karma am I referring to, you ask? Sometimes I wonder if in a previous life I was a philanderer, and the fact that I have so many women who are my friends is because women see me as a non threat in this lifetime. The karmic aspect being that I can’t find that long term relationship because I’m paying my debt in this lifetime for a previous lifetime’s philandering.

For awhile several years ago I was not happy that I couldn’t find that “someone” to share my life with. But I’ve come to the conclusion now that I’d rather be friends then not have the people in my life that I do. If this is karma then hopefully the next time around I will be able to find someone. Karma is not a bad thing. It’s just another law of the universe.


Karma and Dead Again

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