God gives each person on the earth a set of keys, keys to live this life down here on earth.  Now in this set, there is one key you can use to unlock prison doors and set captives free.  Mr Ron, I was captive in the devil’s prison.  That was easy for Miss Debbie to see.  But I got to tell you: Many folks had seen me behind the bars in that prison for more than thirty years and they just walked on by.  Now I ain’t tryin’ to run them other folks down, ‘cause I was not a nice fella–dangerous–and prob’ly just as happy to stay in prison.  But Miss Debbie was different–she seen me behind them bars and reached way down in her pocket and pulled out the keys God gave her and used one to unlock the prison door and set me free.  She’s the onlyest person that ever loved me enough not give up on me and I praise God that today I can sit here in your home a changed man–a FREE man.

Page 179

The grammar in the above passage is directly from the book.  Nothing was changed.

God/your higher power/The Universe whatever, works his magic in mysterious ways.  Some of us have been given the keys to understanding his magic.  Some of us remain locked up, our blinders over our eyes.  It’s those people that have the keys that are the important ones.  They have the ability to unlock the doors, to remove the blinders.  It is their responsibility to do so.  The next time you’re walking down the street and you see someone who looks lost, looks like they need a hand up, looks like they need a hug, make sure you don’t walk by.  Offer a hand.  Offer a smile.  Do something that shows you recognize the person needs help.  You never know where it will lead.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!



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