Life is a Process

Life is a process made up of many experiments, many mistakes, many learnings, many possibilities.  Sometimes it is only error that can possibly teach us the value of goodness or show us the path to our own growth.

Welcome to the
Wisdom of the World
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Welcome to the Wisdom of the World is a book that was recommended to me by Lisa R, a library patron who reads spiritual books.  Joan Chittister, the author uses five spiritual traditions to discover the meaning of spirituality.  Anyone looking for answers to their own spiritual quest should definitely track this book down.  If you don’t want to purchase it, the book SHOULD be available at your local library.  For those in Connecticut using the Lion library system, you can find the book here:
Lion Libraries

There are no easy answers to what spirituality means to any one person and Ms Chittister provides none.  She simply gives examples and stories to help you come to your own meaning.

Love the quote above.  I don’t believe there are mistakes, however.  Everything that happens in our life is a learning experience, either in this incarnation or the next.   I believe in Karma, that what we do during THIS life will have repercussions in our next life.  Mistakes, errors, difficulties are only tools to get us to the next best place.  If we can take something away from an error, then how can we say we made a mistake?

All of life is a learning experience.  The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can stop beating ourselves with emotional self abuse.

Life is a process.
There are no mistakes.
Sometimes a challenge is the only way to move us forward.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to everyone.


Life is a Process

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