Life is Built of Experiences

Life is built of experiences
Remember the best ones.
*  *  *
Childhood smells of perfume
and brownies
— David Leavitt
Page 92

Back to my maternal grandparents again.  If you’re wondering, I spent many of my formative years with my grandparents.  They were a very important part of my life while I was growing up.  One of the experiences I remember with great fondness is playing the airplane game with my grandfather.  Every summer evening after my bath, and once it grew dark, I would sit outside with my grandfather and look up in the night sky watching for airplanes as they crossed the sky, their lights the only marker as they flew by.  When one of us saw one, we’d point to the sky and yell:
Airplane!  So much fun!

There are so many others I could name:
–My grandmother was Swedish and she made the BEST Swedish pancakes in Lisbon, Connecticut where my grandparents lived.  Once or twice a week, I’d have two or three of my closest friends over and my grandmother would make her pancakes.  It became comical because we were eating them faster than she could make them.

–My grandparents lived less than a five minute walk from a pond filled with bass, perch, blue gills and the such.  I would literally wake before the sun rose, dress and creep out of the house.  I’d grab my fishing gear and be off.  No one would see me again until after dark.

So it appears that all my best experiences revolved around growing up in Lisbon.  At the time the community I spent so much time in was idyllic.  My best friend lived just down the street, I had a favorite fishing hole.  Time stood still while I was there.  My childhood was blessed with a best friend, a favorite fishing hole and my grandparents.  What more can any child ask for?

What are some of your childhood memories?

Be happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Life is Built of Experiences

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