Live the Life You’re Given

If I live the live I’m given I won’t be scared to die


The Avett Brothers
The Once And Future Carpenter

I think I’m pretty approachable.
I’m pretty easy to talk to.

Now I bet you’re wondering, where is Chris going with this?  Stay with me and you’ll see.  I’ve developed a friendship with this “musicologist” who comes to the library.  He turned me onto the Avett Brothers about six months ago and while driving home from work one day a couple weeks ago The Once and Future Carpenter came on the radio and my ears perked up upon hearing the verse quoted above.

I’ve found since being in this spiritual paradigm, this spiritual realm, that I’m in now, I’m much more tuned in.  I pay closer attention when quotes of this type enter my periphery.  Have you noticed the same?  If you in the middle of something and that’s all you are paying attention to, the do you think you’ll see more of it?
Am I seeing more because I’m in this paradigm?
Or because I’m in the paradigm are these things showing up?  An interesting conundrum to focus on wouldn’t you say?
It’s Law of Attraction in action:
We draw to us that which we concentrate on.
I see it all the time.
I bet you do too.
Now onto the topic at hand:
I’ve NEVER been afraid to die; not only because I AM living the life I’m given, but primarily because I understand that there is no death.
I think what the song points out is that if we pursue our dream, if we chase our gift, if we follow our bliss that’s what will create a successful life.  It’s not monetary wealth that determines our success.  It’s joy.  It’s happiness.  If you can understand that, then you should fear death.
Thank God I chose to chase my gift.  I chose to pursue my dream.  This way, as the verse goes with a change to the first word:
SINCE I live the life I’m given, I won’t be scared to die.

Have you chased your gift?
Have lived the life you’ve been given?
Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Live the Life You’re Given

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