Locating The Stillness

If we can locate the stillness at the center of our hearts, we can find composure in almost any situation.

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Very interesting that this topic came up on The DailyOm on the 7th as I was speaking to a friend about this while I was working.  The’re going through a storm at the moment with employment, NOT staying in the present and I’m doing my best to keep them there.  They continue to forecast into the future with “What if’s.”
–What if I have to move?
–What if we can’t own a house again?
–What if?
–What if?
–What if?

One of the things I’ve told my friend, and one of the things I tell everyone is this:
What matters right NOW?  This moment matters right NOW.  You can NOT control what happens tomorrow, next week or next month.  Whatever happens is going to happen and it will work out for the best.  Why worry about what’s gonna happen tomorrow when you have today to enjoy?

Alright.  Let’s take those what if’s one at a time:

What if I have to move?
What’s scary about moving?  Change?  Making new friends?  Leaving old friends behind?
Look at the positive:
You made friends when you first moved?  Why can’t you make new friends if you move again?  It can be an exciting time making new friends.  Moving as much as I did growing up may taint my opinion, but I believe you can become stronger emotionally.  If I wanted to make friends, it was up to me to reach out.  I couldn’t simply sit back and wait for people to come to me.

What if we can’t own a house again?
This might NOT necessarily be a bad thing.
–Not owning a house means renting or condo living.
Think about all the things you won’t be responsible for:
No more yard work
No more snow shoveling
No more outside maintenance (painting, etc.)

My point here is don’t worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow will work itself out.  In order to be content, focus on this moment.  Focus on finding the stillness in today.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.


Locating The Stillness

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