Looking Back


I know!  I know!  Everyone looks back at the end of a year and reflects.  Habit, right?  Everyone says:
Alright, what changes can I make in the new year.

The biggest change I made in 2010?  Starting this blog in the middle of the year.  Why do I count that as my most significant change?   Because it requires a discipline I thought I lost several years ago.  A discipline to have something written EVERY day to post.

Do I make resolutions on New Years Day?  Not out loud and not that I share.  Of course there are things I’d like to change.  We all have are idiosyncrasies.  But the things I’d like to change are personal as they should be.

We have no way of knowing what a new year will bring us, so why weigh ourselves down with lofty expectations that may very well never happen?  Be happy with who you are today.  Be present in the moment.  Why constantly look to the future?

If only I could change this one thing, that one thing, then I’d FINALLY be happy.  If you’re always looking for that next best thing to make you happy, then you’ll never achieve that happiness.

Be happy with where you are now.  Don’t look for happiness.  It’s right here.  Right now.

Be happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Looking Back

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