Lose Your Religion

I Discovered a new blog recently. Don’t quite recall how, but Jessica Mokrzycki‘s Asending The Hills is a spiritual blog that resonated with me.  Her entry:

Lose your Religion and Find God spoke to me on many levelsBeen having another dialog recently with a new Feedburner subscriber.  We’ve been discussing our mutual belief system and how they differ.  One of the things she asked about was my reference I make to:
“my God”or “the God that I know”

The above link Lose Your Religion… does a nice job of explaining my use of the terminology.  God is a personal choice.  Everyone’s definition is different, yet we all (Those of us who believe) believe in the same being.  It’s a choice to believe or not believe and everyone has the that right.  My belief fits me.  It probably won’t fit you.  My only responsibility here is to open your heart and mind to the possibility of the existence of something greater then yourself.  You can choose how you decide what to believe or not believe.  Faith is a mysterious thing.

Some of us have it.  Some of us don’t.  If you do have that undeniable belief, then I think it’s your obligation to share it.  The gift was given to you for a reason.  Don’t hoard it!  Don’t keep it to yourself.  But be gentle with how you share it.  Don’t be up in someone’s face if they don’t want to hear it.  You’ll know when someone is agitated with your talk.  Find like minded people who share your values.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive


Lose Your Religion

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