Making Magic Happen

My friend, Katie Wilker has a blog I’ve been following on Facebook’s Networked Blogs for awhile now. Reading her entry last Friday, September 10 inspired me to take some of what she wrote about and expound on it. Kate spoke about one of her favorite artists. Here’s what she said:

When I was in college I had to chance to see one of my favorite artists speak. Her name is Vija Celmins and she is a true master. With her pencil she drew things that people take for granted: the waves, the stars, spiderwebs, a toaster. She didn’t have access to many art supplies when she was first starting out so she used what she had which was her pencil and paper and she just pushed that pencil as far as she could. What a world she created with mundane tools! I have always loved her art, but her spirit really stands out to me because, like anything else, it’s all about what you make of it. She easily could have said that what she had wasn’t enough and quit, but instead she made magic happen. Here is an example of one of her drawings from her Oceans series. Can you believe it’s graphite!

I bet you’re asking yourself why is Chris writing about Katie’s entry in his blog? If you look closely at what Katie says about Vija:

She easily could have said that what she had wasn’t enough and quit, but instead she made magic happen.

In its simplest form, this is one of the tenants of Law of Attraction:
Don’t look at what you don’t have.
Look at what you have and more of what you have will come your way.

It seems like, according to Katie, Vija Celmins was practicing The Law of Attraction. Funny thing is I bet Ms. Celmins wasn’t even aware of it. That’s why I maintain The Law is ALWAYS working whether you know it or not. Isn’t it better to think positively? To look for the good? To maintain a healthy outlook. Wouldn’t you rather breed more positivity?

Then follow Vija Celmins lead and magic will happen in your life as well.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Making Magic Happen

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