Many Ways

There are many ways to climb a mountain. There are many ways to worship God. There are many ways to live a life. Allow each person to choose their own path.

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Message From God

The above quote exemplifies my ENTIRE belief system. There ARE MANY ways to worship God. We each choose our own way. Some of us attend a regular church service and that might work for you. Some of us, like myself, practice our worshiping privately. I might lose some of you here, but as I’ve maintained from this blog’s inception I don’t expect everyone to agree with all of my statements. Are you ready?

Religion is a deeply personal matter, one that should NOT be thrust on an individual. I think, religion and spirituality should be a matter of choice. An individual should have the option to choose their own belief system. Attend different churches, learn the customs and beliefs of the individual organizations. Try on different beliefs and when you find one that fits then become that. Maybe ALL of one doesn’t work for you either. Pick and choose from a variety of beliefs. That’s what I did. As it turned out, my STRONG belief in past lives and reincarnation was ACTUALLY a Biblical belief until it was stripped from the Bible during the Second Council of Constantinople at the Council of Nicea.

Attending a church service doesn’t make someone a good person if that same person leaves the service and immediately barks at someone who is pulling out of the parking lot at the same time. So many people who attend a religious service revert to their humanity during the week, cursing at something that when you really think about it is not worth getting angry over. So many people don’t treat each other with the same respect we want to be treated with. I know I’ve spoken about this before but I see it happen all too often.

How long does it take to let someone cross the street? Stop your car if see someone wanting to cross. I’ve seen people I know wave to me as I’m attempting to cross. Do they stop and let me go in front of them? Ninety percent of the time they don’t.

Ninety percent of the time I do. It is just so much easier to be nice. That’s what spirituality means to me. Do unto others. The Golden Rule. Practice being nice. You’ll feel better! Don’t attend church service and then revert to your humanity. That’s not what God wants from you. God won’t punish you if you don’t attend a church service. If you worship on your own and carry on a conversation with him that’s all he wants. He expects you to talk to him. Try it. He’s waiting to hear from you. Listen for his responses too. Be still and listen.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Many Ways

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