Melissa Etheridge Fearless Love

I listened to Fearless Love a couple days ago. Not just hearing the words and music, but actually taking in the lyrics. Started paying attention after hearing the song Only Love. I don’t know if I’m hearing what I want to hear or if Ms Etheridge is REALLY on this same path with me.
Here are the lyrics for Only Love:
Only Love

The next song I listened to is a song called Gently We Row:
Gently We Row
Scary, how this relates to me, especially Gently We Row. You tell me after reading these two song lyrics. Is Melissa Etheridge on the same path? Do everything you can to track this CD down and REALLY listen to the lyrics. Seems to me that The Law of Attraction, Faith and Spirituality are running through EVERY song on this collection. The two first lines in Gently We Row are:
My soul crashed into my body
Falling into consciousness

Crashing? Sounds to me like Ms Etheridge is speaking of something hurtling to earth. That’s how I feel we are made who we are. Gently we row?

Wow! What I have said multiple times here?
Row your boat GENTLY down the stream. I don’t know. Am I reading too much into this CD? Just about every song has similar themes. Find it, listen to it and let me know.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Melissa Etheridge Fearless Love

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