Milo and Molly

Something a little different for Photography Monday today:




These are my babies.   They’re brother and sister.  I was sick for over a week two weeks ago.  I think those of us who have pets as part of our family will agree that they know when something is wrong with us.  Both of of my cats wouldn’t leave my side when I was sick.  Molly was especially demonstrative which is unusual.  She can take me or leave me; which is not to say that she doesn’t like attention.

She does.

Milo on the other hand is the needy one, the clingy one, the one who won’t leave my side.  He’s at the door the moment I walk in, crying, walking between my legs.  When I was sick, they were both competing for my attention.  When I napped, they both jumped in my bed.  Walking around the house, they were both under my feet.  They knew something wasn’t right.

How bout you who have pets?  Do you have similar stories?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Milo and Molly

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