Moving Forward

The Person who moves a mountain
begins by carrying away small stones

Change Your Life:
A Little Book of Big Ideas
Page 172

The above quote is reminiscent of a scene in one of my favorite movies:
The Shawshank Redemption

I bet you remember the scene.  Andy Dufresne is walking through the prison yard shaking his pant legs free of the pebbles and dust he’s collected during his laborious job he decided to undertake.

As with Andy, we all need goals in our lives.  And we can’t become disillusioned when life doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as we want our goals to move.  Remember, life is about the journey.  It’s the person who sees the big picture and takes the small steps who eventually gets to the finish line.  That person can look back with gratitude and see all the little steps it took to get them where they now are.

The person who is planted at the top, without the hard work to get there sometimes later in life feels unmotivated to continue because there was no effort put forth to get where they wanted to be.  They feel a sense of entitlement, that they deserve to be where they are and underneath that feeling they MAY feel inadequate, because they did NOT put forth the effort to get there.

Just because someone who is pursuing a goal doesn’t see any movement certainly doesn’t mean that there IS no progress.  There is ALWAYS progress.
–Life moves forward.
–Time moves forward,

As with Andy, every time he removes the pebbles and dust into the prison yard there is progress made.  You may not see the big picture with every small step you take, but all you have to do is look back at yesterday, last week, last month and see where you were at that time.  When you do that you can certainly see progress.  An entry I wrote last October called:
Climbing the Ladder of Life, ties in here perfectly.  If you go back and re-read it you’ll understand the parallels.

Don’t become discouraged by your apparent lack of progress in reaching your goals.  Every step forward you make is another step toward climbing your mountain.

Simply remember Andy Dufresne’s seemingly insurmountable task.  He reached his goal and NEVER gave up when he surely could have.  Please!  Please!  Don’t give up when seeking your treasure, your goal.  That ONE more step forward might just be the one that gets you there.  Just think if you gave up just when what was required was simply one more step.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be  Positive!
Blessings to you.


Moving Forward

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