My Brother, John

I was on vacation last week on Martha’s Vineyard visiting my Dad and my brother, John. I don’t get to spend much time seeing John, because he lives in Georgia; but when we get together, it’s like no time has passed. We can pick up where we left off from our last visit together.

We both have an EXTREMELY deep faith and that’s what binds us together. Last Wednesday night we stayed up until well after midnight talking about how our faith has helped us through so many adversities. While we walk different paths to get to the same place, it’s our belief system that keeps us close. We both no longer worry whether what we believe will keep people away from us. You’ll either accept us or you won’t and it’s fine either way. John is a bit more extreme is belief system, but ya know what? That’s who he is, and it’s ABSOLUTELY fine. We understand that God is always with us and that’s what is most important. It doesn’t matter what path we take to get to God. It only matters that we are there.

Remember that the next time someone asks you if you attend church. God doesn’t begrudge anyone how they find him. HE doesn’t hold a grudge if you don’t attend a church service. All he wants from us is a relationship. The way you find HIM isn’t important. What is important is that you DO find him.

It was so gratifying getting to discuss my belief system and my faith with a member of my family, someone who understands and believes EVERYTHING that I believe and understand. That’s what I wish for all of my readers as well. To find someone you can share your own world view with. I’m fortunate enough to have two people who share my faith and my belief system. I hope everyone can find at least one person they feel comfortable with.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


My Brother, John

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