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Used to be if someone asked about me and what made me tick, I’d tell them to go watch The Grand Canyon.  While it’s true that movie made a deep impact on my early life before I knew what I was experiencing with my spiritual growth, Grand Canyon still resonates deeply with me.  It always will.  It’s an amazing movie that discusses one of the true paradigms of my life:
That everything happens for a reason.  It’s why I identify so strongly with the movie.


A couple weeks ago a movie came across Scranton Library being returned to another library in the system.  Neale Donald Walsch’s autobiographical Conversations with God.   My growth has been tremendous since the first time I watched Grand Canyon.  I’m no longer in the same place.


My spiritual growth has exponentially increased; but as I’ve written here before I don’t necessarily share that with people I meet on the street or even people who knew me before this leap forward.  If someone approaches ME, then I will gladly discuss my worldview.  I’m certainly not one to foist my opinions on someone who isn’t open to hearing them.  Writing Wisdom and Life is completely different, because as I’ve said here before as well:
someone can stop reading what I write and I won’t know.


The film Conversations with God, resonated on a much higher level for me after watching it, only because I’m at a higher plane now then I was when Grand Canyon came out.  Remember how I compared Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret to nursery school to where I am now?  After watching Conversations with God, I now have to place Grand Canyon in the same arena.


There is so much I want to relate.
There is so much I want to discuss.

So many scenes in Conversations with God moved me:
–When Neale Donald Walsch is writing the book, he is actually hearing God speak through him and Walsch is writing everything he is hearing.
That’s been my own experience with this blog.  NOT that I’m actually “HEARING” God speak; but the fact that I believe that I’m simply a conduit through which thoughts flow through me and are typed on a blank screen is what I’m referring to.


–One of the comments Walsch hears is:
What would Love do?
Again, this is part of my worldview.  I always stop to consider my motivations and think about what my actions will do to another.  Is what I say or do going to provide joy or despair, negativity or positiveness?


I do my best to move people in a positive manner.
I do my best to leave a situation a better place then when I arrived.

In other words, I think:
What would love do?

Everyone has the ability, has it within themselves to act in this way.  It’s a shame that everyone does NOT!


–Hearing Voices:
The movie is interspersed with the story of Walsch’s life before he is successful, living on the street, in a tent city with scenes of him speaking before large audiences.  In one such scene he discusses hearing God speak to him:
We all have the ability to hear HIM, Walsch says.  We only have to be still.  We only have to remain quiet.  And look for the signs that HE is speaking.

This is another area where Walsch and I agree.  I believe I’ve always seen signs that God is with me.  I’ve written about it here before in:
Trusting Divine Guidance
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The Voice of God


Neale Donald Walsch is correct when he says we all have the ability to hear God/The Divine/Source.  We simply can’t dismiss it when it happens.  EVERYTHING is A Matter of Choice.


Do we choose to believe Neale Donald Walsch indeed heard God’s voice?
Do we choose to believe we just saw a sign that the Divine spoke to us?
Do we choose to believe our faith is correct?

Why is one faith correct and another one isn’t?
It’s a matter of choice.


What do you choose?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Neale Donald Walsch

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