Neighbors Helping Neighbors

As a follow up to Being Equitable, here’s another example:
As everyone is aware New England was hit with a massive blizzard on the weekend of February 8.  I’m certainly grateful for the fact that I live in a condo after the effects of this storm.  My neighbors all helped each other shovel out our cars.  We could all very well have done just our own vehicles and have disappeared back into our homes.  If that had been the case we’d have been shoveling for hours.

I have pictures of before:
Somewhere under those mounds is my car.

With everyone helping, we finished all our cars in less than three hours.  And no one left feeling angry or abused.

And after:

The Golden Rule in full effect:
Treat others as you want to be treated.

We were all having fun too talking, joking making snide comments; all in jest however.  That’s what friends do.  I’m reminded of Tom Sawyer, when he enlisted everyone to paint his fence.  Yes he had a different motive for getting help, but having everyone chip in surely made the task easier, quicker.  It brought more joy to the task as well

As with walking, it creates more joy when you share an experience with a friend.  Time moves faster.  You have an opportunity to talk with your friends, make jokes.  Honestly.  Isn’t it more fun to share a challenging experience with someone else?

The task gets done sooner.
You don’t have to expend as much energy when having manual labor to do.
Everything gets equally distributed as did with shoveling out our cars.

It’s so much better, so much easier to help our neighbors, to look out for each other, to offer assistance  to anyone in need.  I’m sure you’ve been in or seen the experience of someone needing help, whatever that help may be and watching people stroll on by not so much as glancing in the direction of the person needing a hand.

Is that spiritual?
Is that helpful?
Is that how you’d want to be treated?

The next time you see someone struggling, be the one who reaches out.
It will be reward in itself.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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