On The Right Path

You are on the right path; you are marching straight to your own joy, and to happiness for others.

Neale Donald Walsch


We are ALWAYS right where we are supposed to be.  It does no good for anyone to compare themselves to someone else.  Everyone has a different path to travel.  We are all unique.  One of the challenges I faced growing up is having a friend who knew from the third grade that he wanted to be a doctor.  Joe set his mind on that one goal, never deviating from his path.


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Several people in my life would look at his determination, point to Joe and say why can’t you be more like him?  He studies all the time and his grades reflect his effort.  Sometimes I’d take these comments to heart and be distressed by them.  I did the best I could in school and yet these words echoed through my head.  I set my own goals.  And I met every goal I set for myself.  It may have taken me until adulthood to put my goals to work.  We all get there eventually.  And that’s something everyone must remember.


Very few people know how they want to create abundance when they leave high school.  Or if they do they may feel intimidated to speak up.  The few times I spoke up, my dreams were dashed.
How are you going to make a living doing THAT?


What we have to remember is our lives are our own and we shouldn’t let someone else determine our path.  We all have our own path to cross.  As Neale Donald Walsch so eloquently put it above:
You are on the right path.


Don’t let someone who means well divert you.  The one diverting you was most likely diverted as well.  It’s a vicious circle and someone must be brave enough to step outside the circle, to break the circle.


I did.

And I’m now creating so much joyful abundance in my life.  Will you join me and break your own cycle?  Follow your own path and let no one divert you.  There REALLY is a pot of gold at the end of your path if you continue to follow it.


Don’t stray from your goals.
Don’t let someone tell you no.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;


We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.

On The Right Path

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