Out of Captivity

Out of Captivity
Marc Gonsalves

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In February 2003 three American contractors, Marc Gonsalves, Tom Howes, and Keith Stansell were travelling to South America when their plane went down.  They survived the plane crash only to be captured and held hostage for over five years, by FARC.  At just under 500 pages, this book held me in its spell from the first page.  Out of Captivity is more than a story of these three people.  What initially drew me to their story was the tale of their rescue:
A team of rescuers had infiltrated FARC and had spoken with FARC members who were holding 15 hostages including Marc, Tom and Keith.  The rescuers had made plans with FARC to meet and take the hostages to another location.  Even the hostages were unaware of the plan and it wasn’t until everyone was in the air aboard helicopters that the infiltration team had taken off their masks and revealed that the hostages were now free and were being taken to a secure location.

I can’t imagine going through what any hostages go through, let alone the three people who crashed in the South American jungle.  To not only survive the crash, but also survive for over five years in captivity.  Even reading about the experience can’t hold a candle to the ACTUAL experience of going through it.

There are several books about this story.  And as with all books written about actual events there are going to be people who disagree with the way the story is presented in each book.

Law of the Jungle by John Otis is another book written about the same subject.  At some point I want to pick that one up so I can do a compare and contrast.

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Out of Captivity

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