Parallel Worlds

Fantasy and Science Fiction is my favorite genre. Unfortunately, there seems to be more poorly written books in that genre than any other.  So when I come across several authors who consistently write well I’m drawn back to them over and over.

The Lost Gate
Orson Scott Card
Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite fantasy writers.  He has yet to let me down and I’ve read many of his books.  The Lost Gate is his latest and it is forecast to be a trilogy.  Danny North, the protagonist is lives in rural Virginia, his family hidden away from the mainstream.  Why?  He is among a family of Gods, ancient and once powerful.  Each of his brothers and sisters are born with a gift.  His has not yet shown itself, thus he has been shunned by his family, mercilessly  provoked.

It isn’t until he realizes he does have a gift that he uses it to his full extent.  And this si when the book really takes flight.

The Long Earth Series
Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett off and on for awhile now and I came across The Long Earth about a month ago.  About three quarters through the book and it is amazing.  Parallel worlds play a role here and being a huge follower of the Many Worlds Theory you can clearly see why I’m fascinated by stories such as these.  Both The Lost Gate and The Long Earth share similar traits as they both bring us to alternate worlds through different means.

The Veil of Gold
Kim Wilkins
A solid gold bear is discovered in the St. Petersburg.  Scientist Daniel St. Clair and a colleague attempt to identify its age.  On their way to a university where they can perform  a series of tests on the artifact, they become hopelessly lost.  Perhaps even in an alternate time and space.  Another fantastic story of parallel worlds.  Even if you think Science Fiction and Fantasy is not your usual taste,  I highly recommend checking these books out.  You may come away with a new sense that the SF/F genre is not all bad.

I wouldn’t steer you down the wrong path.

Until next time,
Turn the page.


Parallel Worlds

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