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When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously.

Quote attributed to:

Minor White

This thought arrived at the PERFECT time.  You’ve heard me mention here several times that we get messages when and ONLY when we can use them and when we need them.  Okay, let me backtrack a moment.

I’ve been contemplating migrating my blog and my photography site under one website so that people can go to ONE place to see both of my endeavors.  One of the challenges I have with this is the fact that my photography and my blog are diametrically opposed.  I spoke with Andrew Kaplan at Walden Pond Design who hosts my Madison, Connecticut Landscape and Nature Photography website about doing this and he mentioned the same thing:
If you’re doing different things then have separate sites.

While I see the big picture here and I agree with Andrew I’m still looking for ways to tie both sites together.  So this morning, (Saturday, July 30) my friend, Cathy at Sea Green Natural and I took a walk through downtown Madison, Connecticut.  On the way home we talked about each each other’s blogs:
Cathy’s at:
Sea Green Natural

and mine, helping each other plan for are upcoming entries.  Without even knowing she was helping me, my mind was spinning.  Andrew’s thoughts were in my head too.  So here’s what I’ve decided:
To draw visitors to BOTH of my endeavors, my blog at Wisdom and Life and my Madison Connecticut Landscape Photography site, I plan to use the occasional photography quote that can be related to spirituality and Law of Attraction in my blog and link it my photography site.

So for the inaugural quote I’m using a quote from Minor White:
When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously.

So if I have other photographers viewing my blog I hope you receive a gift today.  I’d LOVE to hear back from you.  The above quote resonated SO deeply with me because I have a specific gift I received several years ago while out shooting.  The VERY last photo I took with my film camera before fully embracing the digital age is a winter scene taken at Bauer Park in Madison, Connecticut.  The photo is the one I measure all of my other shots by.  It’s my golden goose, my treasure.

Funny, as I set up the shot, I didn’t have any idea whether the shot was going to work.  I took several photos from the general area; and being as I was working with film I couldn’t race home to look at the photos immediately.  I dropped off the roll at my local developer and I could ONLY cross my fingers.  When I received the call two days later that my prints were ready, I walked down to the business, my heart in my throat.  I HOPED that this specific photo I took was going to stand up to my high standards.  I was kind of close to the business owner as I gave him ALL of my business.  I’m EXTREMELY loyal to businesses, sometimes to my detriment.  No one else was in the store when I walked into get my photos.

As I walked in, Tom (we’ll call him Tom) was leafing through the photos.  I saw that he placed one image specifically away from the others.  When I approached the counter, I looked at the photo he pulled out.
“That’s the one!”  he said, pointing at the photo we were both looking at now.

And it was.  I immediately looked through the negatives.  Tom smiled when I didn’t find the negative.  He reached under the counter and pulled it out.
This what you looking for?  Here’s what I think we do with this, we enlarge it to 16-20 and you start your photography business around this one image.

I was flabbergasted; but I took his advice and that ONE photo is in my possession to this day.  That one photo is a gift I received, a COMPLETELY unexpected gift, one I had no clue I would receive.  That photo is the standard bearer, the one I measure all of my other photography by.  During the intervening years I have misplaced the negative and the ONLY image I now own is the 16-20 photograph that is hanging in my bedroom.  I show it whenever I have my photography exhibits but I never put a price on it.  That photo is the draw.  Everyone who visits my shows is drawn to this winter scene.

I’ve attempted to recover the image digitally EVERY winter.  I’ve NEVER been able to replicate it.  Photography is ALWAYS a moment in time.  I understand this, but that won’t stop me from the task at hand.  I’ll be showing my photography at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut in October.  Will this photo be there?  You bet it will.

Thinking about your gifts, do you accept what is given to you with gratitude?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Photography Gifts

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