Have you noticed that when anyone has to choose between two outcomes, being healthy or being sick, getting that promotion at work or not, being able to take that long awaited vacation or having to stay home instead, One being positive or the other being negative in other words? Most of us will dwell on the negative.

–I’ll never get that promotion.
–I just know I’m gonna be sick tomorrow. I can feel it coming on now.
–I’ll never get away now.

Ya know what? You’re right. You’re attracting that into your life. How do you feel when you think that way? Do you feel energized? Do you feel upbeat? Bet you don’t! Isn’t your health important to you? Wouldn’t you rather feel good?

Why don’t you pivot? What’s pivoting? Good question.
Pivoting is changing your perspective. Instead of saying:
I’ll never get that promotion. Why not say:
That promotion’s already mine. Feel it in your heart. Feel it in your soul.
How do you feel now? I bet you feel pretty good. This works. I’ll give you an example:
A friend of mine put her house on the market about a month ago. She was worried that it wouldn’t sell. Every time I saw her I’d remind her to think the house is already sold. The house is already sold. Got a message from her yesterday (Tuesday) that the house sold on Sunday.

You only have to put a positive message out there and watch what happens. The next time you have two possible outcomes one being negative and one being positive, dwell on the positive and watch your emotional well being soar. You’re here to be fulfilled and lead a happy life. Why would you want to be unhappy?



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