A Play on the Pied Piper

Children being taken in the night is a frightening experience.  Today I have two books with that as the central theme.  The first book:
Ridley Pearson’s
The Pied Piper

is a few books into the Daphne Matthews/Lou Boldt detective series that takes place in Seattle, Washington.  I’ve read every book in the Boldt/Matthews series and each gets better than the one before.  In this book, a serial kidnapper has struck the Seattle area after striking in various cities throughout the California area.  Known as The Pied Piper because the calling card he leaves behind is a flute that is reminiscent of the original Pied Piper from mythology who lead children away with his own flute.

Will Daphne Matthews and Lou Boldt get the Pied Piper before he strikes again?  The Boldt/Matthews series never fails to impress and this book is fast paced and well worth your time.

The Stolen Child
Keith Donohue

The Stolen Child is far different from The Pied Piper.  It holds some familiarity however in the fact children are stolen in the night, but in the stolen child’s place another child is replaced.  And in this story we focus on one child, and his replacement.  Why the children are stolen is something you’ll have to discover for yourself by reading this gripping urban fantasy.  I can tell you that The Stolen Child wound up being my favorite book of the year when the year ended in which I read the book.

As I’ve maintained since beginning Scranton Page Turner, I said I would only review books that kept me in thrall, books that I couldn’t put down.  I have an eclectic taste in books and I think that’s why my library director tapped me to write this blog.

I hope I’ve introduced some authors and books you might otherwise have missed.  I do my best to find books that aren’t necessarily in the mainstream.  I feel that anyone can come in and pick something off a shelf, whether it be a library or a bookstore that everyone has read.  That was never my intention with Scranton Page Turner.  I want to show you some of the hidden gems that lie below the surface.

Hoping I’m doing that.

Until next time…
Turn the page.


A Play on the Pied Piper

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