Plucked Angels

She was startled. “But you’re human, aren’t you?
In some ways yes. But in other ways I’m a stranger to your kind. I have a friend who calls you plucked angels, and he claims you’re a total waste of spirit.

Deepak Chopra
The Return of Merlin

As you have read here previously I’ve mentioned Deepak Chopra before.  He’s become someone I follow quite closely along with Wayne Dyer.  You may very well see more quotes from Chopra in the future as I like what he has to say.

Plucked angels?  I can see that.  Can you?  But a total waste of spirit?  That’s something I can’t wrap my head around.  No one is a waste of ANYTHING.  I like the connotation of being plucked angels.  We are after all created from the divine, from God, so it only makes sense some would call us that.

Are we human?  Or are we spirit?  Or are we some combination of the two?  Me?  I think we are a combination.  What combination however is a question that has been eluding humanity for eons.  Some do not believe we are any combination.  Some believe we have no spiritual essence.  To semi quote a movie I blogged about here a couple weeks ago; Palmer Joss in the movie Contact said something like:
I cannot conceive of a world where God does not exist.

I think Palmer and I would get along just fine because that is exactly the way I feel.  In fact, Carl Sagan, the scientist who wrote the book Contact and I would probably have seen eye to eye on many things as well.  What surprised me on first reading the book and now having time to reflect on, is the fact that a pure scientist conceived and wrote this highly spiritual book.  Many years of indoctrination have taught me that pure science can not have a relationship with the divine.

I was as Ellie Arroway in assuming that if you’re a scientist then you have no room for spirituality in your life, but like Arroway, I have since changed my opinion.  There was no great epiphany as Ellie had, but after reading so many books and and coming into contact (no pun intended) with many new notions I’ve gradually seen that science and the divine can walk hand in hand.

So what combination of spirit and physical do YOU think we are?  I’d LOVE to hear your opinion.  I’ll leave mine out of this discussion for the moment so as not to taint the pool.  Because we are some combination of the two I’d like to find a new word to describe us.  Can you help with that as well?  Do you like the term Plucked angels?  I think that is a real apt descriptiion.  Maybe we should go with that.  What do you think?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Plucked Angels

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