Quantum Science

As everyone following Scranton Page Turner knows, my reading taste is quite eclectic.  Recently, thanks to a friend of mine I’ve been exploring Quantum Science.  Two books I’ve read in April have really been amazing and I can heartily recommend them.


Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn
Amanda Gefter

The author, Amanda Gefter had a love of science instilled in her from an early age by her Dad.  Now a young woman, she works for a Manhattan magazine and she comes across a notice of a physics symposium taking place in New Jersey.  Amanda sees this as an opportunity to question some of the worlds well known physicists.  She and her Dad decide to “crash” the symposium as reporters.


What is completely fascinating about this book and its author is that she is “learning as she goes.”  The other thing I found surprising is that I actually understand what Ms, Gefter is writing.  Granted she IS writing for the lay person, however some of what she says can only be understood if you have a passing knowledge of science.  This is one fine book and I’m so happy it was suggested to me.  Check it out.  Think you may get something out of it.

Parallel Worlds
Michio Kaku
Parallel Worlds

I’ve read about four chapters from Parallel Worlds and I can give a HUGE thumbs up to this book already having only read a small sample.  Kaku has several other books that are on my radar now.  Hyperspace being one of them.  I honestly don’t know what influences me to become fascinated by a particular genre of book but at the moment I’m completely engulfed by Quantum Science.  It’s interesting reading these two books back to back as many of the same terms are used.  I think it’s a welcome choice to read them one after the other.  I don’t think there is any particular reason to read one first as they both discuss similar topics.


I can’t recommend these two books highly enough.


Until next time…
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Quantum Science

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