Razor Girl

Razor Girl

So, I’m breaking one of my rules here:
The one where I avoid new books.

Rules are made to be broken after all, right?  Carl Hiaasen is back with is vintage Only in Florida humor and Razor Girl harkens back to vintage Hiaasen style, ala:
Sick Puppy
Tourist Season
Stormy Weather
Skin Tight
Razor Girl

Razor Girl is Hiaasen at his best.  The humor is back.  I haven’t laughed so much or so hard at a Hiaasen book in years.  There were times while reading, I could hardly catch my breath I laughed so hard.  All the classic crazy characters.  The set ups, everything is quintessential Hiaasen.  And to top things off, Razor Girl takes place on Key West, one of my two favorite places. The story starts off with a bang.  LITERALLY!

Actually, a car crash.  This is no ordinary auto accident and if you are familiar with Carl Hiaasen you would have known that.  A crash and grab is how I would describe the accident.  One Merry Mansfield set up the accident to grab the victim.  Wrong victim as it turns out.  I won’t say anymore for fear of not giving you, the reader the first of many laugh out loud, tears streaming down your face moment.  There were moments while reading Razor Girl that I could hardly catch my breath I laughed so hard.  Now THAT hadn’t happened in a LONG time with one of Hiaasen’s books.  At least not for me.

The titles listed above are my favorites as the also were full of laughs.

Crazy Characters:
–Lane Coolman, the wrong victim.  A talent agent for one Buck Nance.
–Buck is a reality show star whose story is that he and his family own chicken ranch in the deep south.
Martin Trebeaux, the originally intended victim of the crash and grab,

So many other characters here are and one, Andrew Yancy returns from a previous Hiaasen installment:
Bad Monkey.  I always like when a character returns for a repeat performance because it ties the past and the present together.

If this is your first go round with Mr Hiaasen, I truly envy the gifts you have awaiting you.  For he is truly a master at Southern humor.

Until next time…
Turn the page.


Razor Girl

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