Reality Is A Matter of Choice

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Reality is a Matter of Choice

I shared this link on my Facebook page on Sunday and wanted to give it a wider audience. Read the above link and pay close attention to what the 4th student says in response to the Master’s query. The 4th student’s reply is what I’ve become.

This path I’m on now has changed my ENTIRE outlook on life. I see EVERYTHING as a miracle now. Everything works out in the end. Have faith and all will be as you see it. You create your own reality. Why not choose to see the good? Why not choose to see that all DOES work out?

I was speaking to someone recently and was expressing this very thing. I specifically said that everything always works out. They in turn said JUST the opposite. That things don’t always work out. That’s fine. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. But I choose the opposite EVERY TIME. If we do INDEED create our own reality, which is something I certainly believe, wouldn’t it be better to live in a reality where everything works out then in one where everything doesn’t? Life is a gift. Why squander it with a negative attitude?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Reality Is A Matter of Choice

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