Rediscovering My Faith

For those who have recently begun following Wisdom and Life and for those who may just want a better understanding of where I am now, where I came from and how I arrived in this place, here is a bit of a refresher.

Wisdom and Life began as a Law of Attraction (LoA) blog in May 2010.  A couple months later in August/September I realized that what LoA was really doing was deepening my faith; because LoA is just another way of interpreting God.  When you look at the precepts of Law of Attraction and line them up with the precepts of God, you see that they are identical:
Ask for what you want.
Believe it is already yours.
Give thanks when you receive it.

–The first precept:
Ask for what you want is interpreted in the Bible as:
Matthew 7:7

–The second precept:
Believe it is already yours is interpreted in the Bible as:
Mark 11:24

–The third precept:
Give thanks CAN BE interpreted in the Bible as:
Luke 17:16

So, now maybe you understand why my Faith has deepened as a result of studying Law of Attraction.  LoA and Faith are one in the same.  This lends further credence to the fact that EVERYTHING is connected.

The Universe/Source/God/The Divine?
All of these words, all of these precepts. all of these ideas?  They all refer to the same thing.
Everything points back to a Divine Creator, a loving creator.
Everything comes down to interpretation.
Everything comes down to choice.

It’s how we choose to see the world that interprets what we see.

I quickly realized that when I was practicing Law of Attraction and discussing it at Wisdom and Life, I was REALLY talking about Faith about Spirituality.  That’s why I’ve maintained since I discovered the link between LoA and God that my Faith has deepened.

My Faith has carried me through some challenging times in my life and I ALWAYS knew.  There has never been a time in my life where I didn’t know.  Having this burning sense of knowing has been a tremendous gift that was given to me when I incarnated in this lifetime.

It’s because of this knowledge that I’ve been able to sustain.
It’s because of this knowledge that I haven’t gotten lost.
It’s because of this knowledge that I must share my worldview, my Faith.  If I don’t it will continue to bubble out of me onto the ground.  Then it won’t do anyone any good.

Law of Attraction and Faith go in hand in hand.  I see that now and maybe you do too.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Rediscovering My Faith

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