Rose Connors

If there is one thing I enjoy about reading it’s having visited the settings of the books I’ve read.  Rose Connors writes about Sandwich in Cape Cod and she writes the setting so well that it almost becomes another character.  Ms Connors has written four books:
Absolute Certainty published 2004
Temporary Sanity  published 2007

Maximum Security published 2010
False Testimony published 2013

If you notice a pattern here, good for you.  Every three years so that means her next book SHOULD see publication by the end of 2016.

Each book follows Marty Nickerson, the author’s protagonist, an assistant ADA in Barnstable County on Cape Cod.  in Nickerson’s first case in Absolute Certainty, the case against a suspected murderer seems open and shut, and when a conviction comes back, everyone breathes out.  But then another murder occurs and Marty has her doubts that the right person is in jail.

In Temporary Sanity, after first case for the prosecution, Nickerson switches sides and becomes a defense attorney.  Her client is charged with murder one.  Her client is accused of killing a pedophile who assaulted and killed his son.

Maximum Security has Marty defending her law partner’s (Harry Madigan) ex lover.  Is this a good thing to do?  Are there ethics involved that may be stepped over?

I have not yet read False Testimony so I can’t offer up any advice on that particular title except to say that id it is anything like the previous three books False Testimony SHOULD be pretty much unputdownable as well.

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Rose Connors

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