Rotten Practical Jokes

I think when God wants to play a really rotten practical joke on you, he grants your deepest wish.

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King’s Cross
Timothy Keller

So what’s the context of the quote above?  “Cynthia Heimel used to write for the Village Voice,” Timothy Keller writes in King’s Cross.  Keller is relating an article Ms. Heimel wrote about struggling actors and actress who were working in restaurants and punching tickets at theaters to pay their bills, and then they became famous.  When they were struggling like the rest of us, they said, “if only I could make it in the business, if only I had this or that, I’d be happy.”

But when they became what they wished for, what they strived for, these same actors were insufferable, unstable, arrogant.  They were now unhappier then they used to be.

So it’s just like that old adage:
Be careful what you wish for…

When you’re wishing for something, make sure you look at your desire from all angles.  And remember, if you deepest wish is fulfilled, it won’t change who you are on the inside.  You’ll always be who you are.  No outside influence will change who are inside.  Heimel felt sorry for these actors. They had the thing they had thought would make everything okay—and it didn’t.  Then she added a statement that took my breath away:
I think when God wants to play a really rotten practical joke on you, he grants your deepest wish.

I’m reminded of the TV Show Everybody Loves Raymomd.  In Season nine’s second episode called Not so Fast, Frank and Marie; Raymond and Robert’s parents have moved to a retirement home in New Jersey.  But are asked to leave after a short time because they are meddlesome, trouble and a nuisance to everyone around them.  They must return to Long Island and move back into the house that they sold to Robert.  Robert is none to pleased with this arrangement but he finally agrees.  He then looks up and and complains to God saying:
You are not funny!
Debra, Ray’s wife whispers to Ray:
He does screw with him a lot.

This example is in keeping with this column in that it relates to God’s sense of humor, which I’m convinced HE has.  Practical Jokes?

Yes I’m sure God is full of them.  If he created us in his image and we have a humorous side, then of course, God must also have one.
Has there been a time in your life where you’re sure God was having fun at your expense?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Rotten Practical Jokes

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