Saint Peter

Saints Monday again.  Today, let’s discuss Saint Peter.

Saint Peter like his brother, Andrew made his living as a fisherman.  In the Bible it is said that Peter one day caught so many fish that he fell down at the Lord’s feet and wept.  Jesus said:
Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.

Jesus also said:
You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church.


I often wonder what Jesus would think of the Church today.  Is this really the organization he envisioned when he commanded Peter to build the Congregation?  I wonder.


When Jesus said to Peter:
…from now on you will be catching men.  it surely seems that the Church has lost its way as more of the population is leaving organized religion than is moving toward it.  Is The Church still following the command of Jesus, to be catching men?


Saint Peter seems to have been the closest confidant of Jesus as Peter is mentioned more often than any of the other disciples.  In another example of Jesus implying to Peter to tend his flock and to be catching men, after he had risen, Jesus returned and was first seen by Peter (another example that Peter was the closest friend of Jesus,)  Jesus said to Peter:
Feed my lambs.  Tend my sheep.


Jesus chose Peter to build His Church, because I believe in Peter, Jesus saw his own reflection.  Even though, Peter denied Jesus three times, Jesus still counted him as his friend as can be seen in many cases.


Could you do the same?  If someone you trusted, someone you counted on, someone you thought was your friend did something to break that trust would you be able to look passed the broken trust and still embrace them?


I think that’s what made Jesus who he was.

I think that’s why I feel so strongly that the Church has lost its way, has lost its mission.

Jesus was entirely about forgiveness, acceptance.  From what I know of the Church today, that


The Church no longer accepts.
The Church now denies.
The Church takes the Word far too literally.


In my opinion it wasn’t the admonition of Jesus to Saint Peter to shut out a whole swath of the population because they differed in their opinion.


Jesus accepted all.
Jesus loved all.


What happened?


As you know someone can only be canonized only if miracles were performed.

According to Acts, Peter’s first miracle cure was of a man who had been lame since birth, immediately cured by being commanded to stand and walk. This miracle was performed in the name of Jesus, at the Temple, where the faithful saw the healed beggar praising God, and was the opportunity for some outstanding proselytising.


In an even more difficult challenge, Peter resurrected Tabitha, a good woman and a disciple, who was certainly dead and her body had already been washed. This miracle became known throughout Joppa and, as a result, many were converted.


Be Happy!  Be Well Positive!
Blessings to you.


Saint Peter

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