Gary Braver


When a Boston Massachusetts medical research team is sent to Papua New Guinea in search of medicinal plants. the team discovers a plant whose extract can prolong life.  With huge consequences if consumed, the question then becomes:
Do you take the elixir?

A roller coaster ensues with scenes that appear to have been written for the big screen which is in no means taking away from the written word on the page.  I’ve read several books by braver now and he just gets better with each book he publishes.

Elixir is a thrilling read and ends perfectly.  Pick up this book and I’m convinced you’ll want to finish it in one sitting.

James Rollins


Somewhat in the same vein as Elixir as a research team sets out to locate a scientist who went missing years ago.  One team member who went on the original expedition with an arm missing, stumbles out of the jungle years later with both arms intact.

What could be the possible explanation for such an event?  No one has the answer..  You’ll have to read this thrilling book to discover the solution.  Trust me!  As with Elixir, you won’t be able to put this book down.

The Icon
Neil Olson

Familial challenges arise when a Greek icon long vanished and thought destroyed turns up in a treasure trove of artifacts discovered by Matthew Spear a Greek American curator of the Metropolitan Museum.  As Matthew digs deeper into why his grandfather has this icon, he realizes there is more to his family’s history than anyone is letting on.

As with the two books above, The Icon is a thrilling adventure through history and science.

Until next time…
…Turn the page.



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