Seeking Balance

I was walking with a friend last Friday (three days ago.) and she started talking about finding balance in her own life.  She suggested I blog about it.

There is an ebb and flow to life; a Yin and a Yang  There are times that will try you, times that will strengthen you, times that will measure your soul.  The trick is to decide what is important.  If you’re in an ebb period, it is important to find a balance to the negative.  If you are in crisis mode, find something that brings you peace.  Perhaps it is exercise.  Maybe it’s calling on a friend.  Maybe meditation is your cure.  Whatever it is that brings you back to center, balances you, brings you joy, then find a way to give yourself permission and time to do those things that re-centers your focus on the positive.

Balance after all is the key to all of life.  Without it, you’ll find that there is a greater tendency to become depressed, angry, out of place.

If you are one who always works to make everyone else better and neglects your own well being, maybe it is time to make life all about you.

Spend time doing for you.
Do what you want.
Stop making life about everyone else.

Seek balance in your life and everything else will take care of itself.  If you are working, taking care of children, taking care of your home, and NOT taking care of yourself, then your life “scales” will be out of whack.  I know what you’re saying.  I can hear it:
But how can I take time for myself.  Nothing else will get done.

So what?  What is so important that it can’t be put off?
A clean house?

These are all things that will be there tomorrow, next week, next month.
Isn’t it more important to give yourself time to do something good for you?

Too much weight will be on one side and you’ll be unbalanced, weighed down.  Like a scale we MUST seek to remain constantly in harmony.  Otherwise one side of the scale, one side of life will be out of focus, instable. That’s no way to live is it?

How are you seeking balance?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Seeking Balance

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