Shared Death Experiences

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Afterlife:

and one of things discussed in the movie was something I’ve never heard before:

Shared Death Experiences

What’s that?  You may ask.  First let me explain a bit about Near Death Experiences (NDE’s.)  An NDE occurs when someone has a fatal experience and yet somehow survives.  Many of these experiences seen through medical science have been ridiculed by the scientific community as nothing more than:
“Oxygen leaving the brain and causing hallucinations as a result.”

If that’s the case then how do you explain the near perfect recall of patients stories of what happened to them during an NDE?
–Recalling medical doctors verbatim conversations.
–Knowing medical equipment and pointing the equipment out once they “return to their bodies.”

Writing about NDE’s reminds me of another blog I wrote about Near Death Experiences in which I discussed a book called Tunnel Visionby Gary Braver:

And now we have a new experience (New to me at least) with a Shared Death Experience (SDE.)  An SDE is one where the person experiencing an NDE is accompanied on their experience with someone else, whether it be a medical professional or someone near the person experiencing the NDE.  What happens is when the NDEr experiences the near death someone another person follows and sees the same thing.  Why this happens is anyone’s guess.  I wonder if it is because when the NDEr returns and they have a challenging time convincing anyone what happened and that it DID occur that one way to prove NDEs are occurring is to bring someone else along.  What do you think?

If this is REALLY happening, how can the scientific and medical community continue to dismiss NDEs as simply hallucinations?  Dr Raymond Moody discusses SDEs in the link above.  For me as I’ve written here on multiple occasions, no proof is necessary.  My faith informs my paradigm, my world view.  I KNOW beyond doubt that our bodies survive after our transition.  Hearing others who experience NDEs/SDEs only reinforce my faith.

What do you believe?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Shared Death Experiences

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