Spiritual = Computer/Physical = Printer

Think of the spiritual world as a computer and the physical world as a printout.  The real decisions are made at the software level.  Practically speaking, this means decisions are made in the spiritual world at the level of consciousness. The emotional and physical maladies therefore arise from that level too. So to address the weaknesses in our lives, we must go back to consciousness.  What’s running through your mind?  Are you addicted to cynicism and doubt?  Or any other dead-end thought patterns?  Inject optimism and hope into your thinking today and allow room for healing of all sorts to occur.”

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The Spiritual world being a computer and the Physical world being a printer struck me as an extremely fascinating analogy, one that if you stop for a moment and consider the relationship seems to make some sense.  I actually chuckled out loud when I read this last week; because the comparison made so much sense to me.  Being the technical geek that I am and being of such spiritual mind it struck me that I didn’t see the relationship before.


Look at it this way:
A computer acts as an intake, correct?  It can only take in information.  
Isn’t that what the spiritual world does?
Isn’t that what consciousness does?

When information is given to us we react, correct?
Reacting is, practically speaking printing out.


Now do you understand why I found the analogy of the Spiritual world being a computer and the physical world being a printer so amazing?  It only makes sense.


Those in the spiritual realm can only speak through metaphors, through signs.  It is up to us on the physical plane to interpret the signs given to us.


That’s what the computer is for.

That’s what our minds, our brains are for.  Those of us who are steeped further in spirit are more adept at deciphering all the messages being input into our computers.  It is, as I’ve said here multiple times over, up to us who ARE steeped in spirit to carry the message forward to those who are willing and those who need to hear the signal to help move us into the next paradigm.


Can you think of other analogies to the Spiritual vs the Physical world?
Let’s hear from you in the comments below.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Spiritual = Computer/Physical = Printer

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