Spiritual Quest

Breaking my three book rule today.
After All aren’t rules made to be broken?
You’ll understand why after seeing the books I recommend today.

The Alchemist
Paulo Coelo
Was at the Madison Coffee Shop in Madison, Connecticut last Tuesday and someone I know was reading The Alchemist.  Whenever I overhear someone mention a book that I’ve read my ears pop up.  Funny thing with this book as I said to the person who read the book is that The Alchemist came into my view several times over the past fifteen years.
Had I read the book when it first came across my purview I wouldn’t have gotten anything out of the book.  The protagonist is a young boy who sets out on a journey to find his place in the world.  Along the way he discovers enlightenment and treasure beyond his imagining.

Hermann Hesse
Though written years apart, Siddhartha, first these two books tell parallel stories.
–Both tell of a quest to become men from boys.
–Both require journeying far from home.
–Both protagonists have fathers who are apprehensive about their sons leaving.

They diverge in surprising ways however and Siddhartha diverges in a human way from The Alchemist’s mostly spiritual quest.  Both books are well written and I thoroughly recommend reading them in conjunction with each other.  My belief is that you should begin with The Alchemist then move onto Siddartha.

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Spiritual Quest

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