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My friend, Stuart Nager writes a blog called The Opening of Doors.  On January 10, he wrote something called Signs From Beyond, where he discussed a subject I’m very much intrigued by and have written about myself:
–Messages from the Divine.
–Messages from those who have transitioned.

Stuart blogged about this because he is curious to know what the message was.  To make this even more odd, he wrote a Signs part two, where more events surrounding his Dad popped up.  I just find this stuff so fascinating because I clearly see everything as signs.  The trick comes in interpreting those signs.  That’s where Stuart is stuck.  It appears that Stuart is getting messages all the time and yet he can’t make sense of them.

Another two part blog he has written has to do with car accidents.  A Car Crashes, which appears to be Stuart’s Opening post here details a car hitting a traffic pole, which also happened in the second related post called Another Car Crash.  In both cases, a traffic pole nearly falls on him.  Another odd occurrence that he brings up, is the title of his blog, The Opening of Doors,  Stuart writes:
What is eerie to me is that approximately ten minutes before this, I had told Lisa I was naming this blog The Opening of Doors. She opened that woman’s door.

Seems to me that Stuart has some sort of divine connection, that he has a bit of a conduit.  We all have a connection.  The question then becomes how far do we want to go to pursue the connection?  Some of us may be alarmed at the severity of some of the events that occur, however, I don’t think there is reason to be at all.  Someone is trying to reach out; and because they are in the spiritual realm they can’t communicate in the physical.  They can only speak ethereally or in metaphor or with signs as happened with Stuart..  It’s our job to decipher the communication.  Not always easy as can be seen in Stuart’s case.  I honestly believe that there is someone reaching out to Stuart, but that’s only since as I like to say:
I’m very well steeped in this paradigm.

It would also appear that Stuart is becoming so as well, as he is beginning to question this significance of some of the odd events that have been circling him.

What do you think?  Would love to hear from you as would Stuart I’m sure.  You can reach him at either:
Signs From Beyond
Signs Part Two

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Stuart’s Signs

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